mindFULL // cold brew session July 18

Patio weather. A cold brew in hand. Small, nourishing bites of food. Now that’s the makings of a stellar Summer Night!

Join Neuroscientist + Nutritionist Orsha Magyar & Psychologist Sally Powis-Campbell for a night where you’ll learn what all the buzz around cold brew coffee & mindfulness is all about. You’ll learn the science behind the nutrition + psychology of these trendy topics & how to integrate grounds into your daily routine in a way that’s more grounding than whipping through the drive thru for a sugar coated coffee on autopilot on the way to work every morning!

the science of coffee + mindfulness  //

The science doesn’t lie. Your brain literally changes functioning and structure on mindfulness. WOAH. Powerful stuff. And when it comes to the nutrition of coffee, we’ve learned a lot in recent years. Having that cup of coffee in a mindful way can be both grounding & bring you health benefits from cutting your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease to lowering the rates of depression among women. Not to mention it gives you a quick mental boost!

what is “mindFULL”  //

Don’t worry, with our combined years of education, we know how to spell! the idea behind mindFULL is that you leave with a full mind & belly on the topics of nutrition & mindfulness after each of our session. mindFULL is a mindful revolution in Calgary featuring local food & beverage venues & producers. The events are co-hosted by Psychologist Sally Powis-Campbell & Nutritionist+Neuroscientist Orsha Magyar.

In this edition, we’re coming together with local entrepreneurs at Kaffeeklatsch & Eat.Love.Bake to bring you a summer patio session where we’ll teach you the science-backed mental & physical health benefits to mindfulness, mindful eating, coffee, & other snacks featured at the event. All while you enjoy a cold brew coffee & treats from Eat.Bake.Love. The drinks & snacks have been mindfully curated so we can teach you about how they’ll nourish your mind & body, as well as balance eating for pleasure with eating for nourishment.

the event details  //

when  ::  Monday, July 18, 2016, 5:30-6:30 pm
where  ::  kaffeeklatsch patio, 223 12 Ave SW, Calgary
cost  ::  $25 + processing fees
register  :: http://mindfullcoffee.eventbrite.ca


Photo courtesy of kaffeeklatsch