Community Mindful Dining Experience at Market Restaurant Sept 21

Mindfulness is for many a practice that seems far-fetched in terms of integrating into their modern fast-paced lifestyle. Food is too often just looked at as fuel to get us through those days, or as a necessity to relieve hunger pains or cure boredom. We often find ourselves eating standing over the kitchen sink, at our desks while scrolling through emails, sitting at a coffee shop scrolling through our insta feed, in front of the TV, or in our cars. 

What would happen if we started to look at those same meals — truly take the time to look at them, touch them, smell them, taste them, absorb them, & give way for the time & space to make our food a source of joy & nourishment? Why not use food as a gateway to mindful living?

On September 21 at 7 pm, Wholistic Health YYC, lululemon, & Market Restaurant are collaborating to bring you a 5-course mindful dining experience. Seriously, what better way to introduce mindful eating into your daily routine than coming to dine with an award-winning chef over a 5-course meal paired with gut health nourishing Kombucha?! \
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Why join //

Did you know that when you’re mindful of what you’re eating & experiencing during a meal, you’ll feel fuller faster & get more enjoyment out of your food? Mindful eating isn’t a “diet”. It’s an approach to living that supports a healthy relationship with food, your mind, & your body.  

This community dinner was curated to bring you the opportunity to experience:

  • A thoughtfully curated 5-course meal from award winning Executive Chef Sean Macdonald.
  • Kombucha pairing with the courses, & butter coffee with dessert for the adventurous foodies out there!
  • Practice an eating meditation & breathing exercise that you can do anytime anywhere afterwards.
  • Absorbing easily-digestible psychology & nutrition science facts over the course of the evening. Such as Eye Hunger, Mind Hunger, Stomach Hunger, Cellular Hunger, Making the Gut-Brain Connection & Gratitude.
  • Practicing the skill of attending to Stomach Hunger cues as opposed to strict “good” vs. “bad” food rules before, during, & after each course.
  • Learn how to make your inner & outer environment supportive of mindful eating & reduce instances of mindless eating.
  • As a collective, we’ll start the conversation around balancing eating for nourishment with eating for enjoyment.

the menu //
Alas, Executive Chef Sean Macdonald has released the piece de resistance — the evening’s menu! Note: you do have the option of adding spirits to your kombucha or ordering other drinks at the dinner for additional cost. 

Register //

No time like the present to stop obsessing about food, eating, calories & weight! Now is the time for you to learn how to build a healthy, happy & joyous relationship with food! 

Join us Weds, Sept 21 at 7 pm at Market Restaurant on 17th ave. Tickets are just $55 for this community event, & going fast!  
Click here to register online.