Happy + Mindful New Year

HAPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAR (cue mass goal setting…)!

We often go into a new year with a focus on the future. This year, I challenge you to shift that; try to focus on the present & setting intentions that honour your values rather than what society is demanding of you.

When it comes to a new year, most of us (myself included) often start by focussing on the past year — usually what we did wrong rather than celebrating successes — & focussing on the future — what we’d like to achieve & avoid. All to often our minds stray from the present.

mindfulness & goals //
I’m not suggesting you make it your GOAL to be mindful. Often by making mindfulness a goal, we move out of the moment & create a discrepancy between what we’re experiencing now & what we want to happen. This can lead to negative mindsets, where we judge our current experience or ourselves when mindfulness doesn’t just come to us, or give us instant peace of mind.

intentions vs. goals //
Before we go any further in this little discussion, it’s important to note the differences between goals & intentions (true story, they aren’t the same thing!).
Intentions are internal, whereas goals are largely external.

Intentions are developed in the present. It doesn’t involve having a “result” in mind… Intention setting simply involves connecting to our highly individualized chosen course of action without looking elsewhere for satisfaction or approval. By setting an intention, you’ve already done what you set out to do.

Goals involve focussing on the future & an end result. In terms of goals in relation to mindfulness, a traditional goal of mindfulness & meditation is to reduce suffering. Our minds can often run away on us & create a struggle when we aren’t instantly “cured” by meditation if we set mindfulness as a goal.

so what does a mindful intention look like? //

In short, whatever you want it to! My current one is to simply continue my practice, & relish in the discoveries & experiences that come with it. Perhaps your intention is to also continue or even start a meditation practice. Or maybe to be more present with friends, family, coworkers. Whatever your intention, let it come from within. If you need assistance, you can always get smartphone apps like Stop, Breathe, & Think or HeadSpace to assist in your mediation or visualization exercises.
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