Meet WHyyc

Welcome to Wholistic Health YYC! I’m Sally Powis-Campbell, founder of WHyyc. My company primarily offers psychology services on the topics of mindfulness (parenting, eating, movement, meditation), eating disorders, nutrition & sport psychology. But WHyyc thrives on being a hub for foodie enthusiasts, fitness fanatics & health curious minds. This is your wellness wire to whole living!

If you’re looking for assistance in getting off autopilot & living more mindfully (no matter your age – I work with children age 2+), looking to build a healthier relationship with food & your body, or explore other topics related to health psychology & sports psychology, reach out by calling 403-354-2515 or emailing

WHolistic Health you say?

Wondering what exactly it means to live wholistically? For me, wholistic health involves living a lifestyle that nourishes both the body & mind, & being constantly aware of your needs & how they change. I’m dedicated to helping find what works best for you & THANKFULLY I love to hit the books & web to learn about the ever-evolving world of health & wellness.

WHyyc thrives on being a hub for foodie enthusiasts, fitness fanatics & health curious minds

When I’m not researching, prepping or working with clients, or on mommy duty… you can find me around YYC getting sweaty at the city’s hottest fitness studios, gathering intel for my devout readers! But all this studio fun isn’t just to satisfy my thirst for fitness, I want to help you find the perfect sweat spot too! That’s why I’m hitting the YYC fitness scene, trying out everything from crossfit to yoga to HIIT to spin (to dance or not to dance) to barre to pilates … the list goes on. I want you to fall in love with fitness, step outside of your comfort zone (insert gasp!) & incorporate a good sweat session into your daily routine.

Kitchen experimentation is another fave pastime. I’m always looking for ways to turn some for your most splurge-worthy favourites into guilt-free nutritious meals. That’s right my friends, I cover everything from superfood to spandex (are you excited yet?). Now, that’s not to say I don’t believe in indulging from time to time (stay with me winos and choco-holics). Life is, after all, about balance. What I want to convey is that balance isn’t depriving yourself of your favourites or jumping on the latest diet fad.

balance & wholistic health is about learning how to incorporate more whole foods into your diet to nourish your mind & complement your active lifestyle

Thanks for visiting. I’m SO excited to share my holistically-inspired health services with you.